NAXOS, created in October 1998, is the telecommunications subsidiary of RATP Group.
At the heart of the city, NAXOS deploys broadband services for service operators new applications.


NAXOS offers services additional to those of Telcite by sharing resources and promotes information society in Ile-de-France. Focused on transporting data, NAXOS acts as a “carriers’ carrier” and mainly targets service operators.

NAXOS offers its services following two approaches:

  • “Public Services” for one or more operators in charge of the final customer, to widely disseminate services of the same nature and make them accessible in places open to the Public;
  • “Business Services” to address individual requests from service operators.

NAXOS relies on a transportation network comprising:

  • An SDH / PDH platform enabling the delivery of: 2 Mb / s, 34 Mb / s, 155 Mb / s and 622 Mb / s services;
  • A platform for the delivery of IP, Ethernet and WiFi services.



  • NAXOS delivers links to the existing 2G underground mobiles phone services

VANEXPORT Terminals:

In a city open to travel, VANEXPORT terminals, easily identifiable with their red color, are used to sell digital contents (mobile refills, electronic money, digital books …). NAXOS connects VANEXPORT terminals to the internet.


Wifi :

NAXOS WiFi network includes a hundred access points spread over fifty places in the Paris Region: